"Since our session people have been calling us and simply signing up for our program!  In the past I felt pressure to push the marketing to find new members."
Andrew Barber Starkey, Master Certified Coach & President of ProCoach International

I take clients through a process that allows the dynamics at work in their business to be visible, including the hidden dynamics that often have a very significant effect on the whole business. This gives the client a perspective that allows them to take the whole business into account, allowing an effectiveness that is not possible when not aware of the hidden dynamics.

In this process it is often possible to shift or resolve hidden dynamics that are not supportive of the goals of the business. This allows businesses to achieve their goals with less resistance.

The dynamics that the process illuminates are the keys to success. This process will expose the difficulties in the business and either light up possible solutions or the resolution happens as part of the process.

Some of the best applications of this process are:

  • Making visible the root causes of business difficulties and finding solutions.

  • Human resources- screening for hidden incompatibilities and how the candidate will fit in with the culture of the company.

  • Resolving or finding solutions to challenges with current employees or positions.

  • Marketing, matching your offering to your customers. Is it what they want? At the price that will maximize your opportunity?

  • Screening investments or acquisitions, bringing to light hidden issues or problems that may lie under an other wise sound looking opportunity.
"Ross's ability to determine the best marketing strategies, location, employees and customers using this process is remarkably accurate, saving both time and money…a must do for anyone who is interested in developing their business’s fullest potential."
Catherine Rose, CranioSacral Therapist

When you resolve the root of your issue or difficulty change is effortless.