The hidden roots of depression, illness, sexual issues, relationship issues, anxiety and phobias, often lie in the experiences of our ancestors.

Feelings resulting from Experiences that were too traumatic or overwleming to deal with or complete, are often carried by those in future generations.

When a mother loses her new born baby and can not deal with the overwhelming grief, many years later her daughter or granddaughter may find themselves distraught or depressed after the birth of their baby.

If you experience Depression or other issues where there is no event or experience in your life that explains the symptoms or the symptoms run in your family, often it has roots in the unresolved trauma and grief of your ancestors. When these roots are identified and resolved then the depression or issue recedes or disappears.

Constellation work is also very effective in resolving symptoms such as, ptsd, grief, depression, anxiety that are related to traumatic events you have experienced. It can support re-engaging in life after being affected by Abuse, accident, serving in War, death of a child or sibling, death of a parent or other difficult experiences.

When you resolve the root of your issue or difficulty change is effortless.