Imagine being at home and having a life-changing experience while sitting in your favourite chair, wearing your comfortable clothes with your favourite slippers on and a warm cup of your favourite beverage.

We talk over Skype or the phone and you get to resolve or release the difficulty or barrier that has been troubling you much of your life. You get to discover it’s root and transform that root into something that actually supports you moving forwards in that area of your life.

After your session is over you can relax, giving yourself the self-care you deserve and taking time to allow the integration of your experience. You don’t have to drive anywhere, just relaxing into your favourite chair or perhaps lying down for a nap.

I typically work and have success with issues such as depression, fears, phobias, lack of success, not feeling good enough, difficulty following through, illness, thoughts of suicide, bottomless sadness, repeating negative life experiences, relationship difficulties, money & financial issues, lack of energy, eating disorders, skin disorders, pain, migraines, trauma, procrastination, lack of focus, repeating problems, etc.

Things that some people may feel more comfortable dealing with in private over the phone.
Some of the issues I assist people with, such as incest, rape, abortion, family issues, self injury, etc. are issues you may not want to share in a group setting and are well suited to a private phone/skype sessions.

Phone session results...

“It changed where I reside in my own body. I used to be in fear of my own power, now I have the feeling that I could alter a situation by just walking into the room. Is lovely”

"I have had migraine headaches for many years. Recently when I felt a migraine beginning, I phoned Ross. He was able to do some constellation work with me on the phone which resulted in the headache dissipating. Minutes later, having no lingering symptoms, I was able to get on with my day!"
Anni Mukkala Stinn

Feedback the day after a phone session...

“I really appreciate the time you took with me last night. You have a calm and gentle nature and are clearly very effective at what you do. I will be sure to spread your name to anyone I know who could use your services to help them get past obstacles. I slept well last night and feel much calmer than I have in the last couple of weeks. This morning on my drive to work (every once in awhile) I'd feel a small amount of fear rise up, but I immediately had a reference point to go back and talk to my ancestors and feel in my body that everything will be ok. Thank you for guiding me to access such a powerful connection with my ancestors that I never realized I had. I know this will serve me well in the future in many aspects of my life. Not to mention FEELING the presence of ancestral Love is always surrounding me. You're a blessing to this World and your own ancestors have passed on a life that will undoubtedly heal this planet one Soul at a time. Much Love and Gratitude to you Ross!”

And the same client commenting on that session a few months later...

“Just wanted to tell you once again THANK YOU for doing that private Constellation on the phone with me a few months back. It really helped center me and just today I got news that the lawsuit settled out of court. No money out of my pocket and I don't have to go to court! WOOHOO!!!! The best possible outcome! Thank you for your presence and the gift you offer...your caring, your time, attention and calm demeanor! That Constellation did way for me than just the lawsuit end of really opened me up to the Divine around me and the Knowing that all my past relatives are with me and guiding me. Sending waves of Love to you!”

When the root is addressed change is effortless. Most of the roots of the issues people have are not what people would ever think. Many difficulties or issues have roots in the experiences of our parents and ancestors.

“I was having some resistance to success in a new venture I am doing which led to doing a very recent private Constellation with Ross via telephone. I did not know what to expect. I had some previous in-person experience with Constellation, so I could not wrap my head around how a remote session would work out. Without hesitation, I can say that it turned out to be a tremendous experience. For a very long time, I had had a sense about something being 'up' in a particular area of my life, yet could not put my finger on it and resolve it. With Ross's gentle and professional guidance, we journeyed to the source of my upset and I made peace with part of my past I hadn't been able to find by other means. The best I can sum up my experience of the result of the session, is that we took a mystical and invisible 'inappropriate feeling' from my past, and resolved it into a feeling of 'incredible appropriateness'. All over the phone.

Thank you Ross, you have found your calling.”
Tymothy Roy,

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1 - 70 minute phone session $110
1 - 90 minute phone session $145
3 - 70 minute phone sessions $300
3 - 90 minute phone sessions $400

Contact me via email or phone to arrange your session once your purchase is completed.

Ross Goodine

P: 780 432-3732

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

When you resolve the root of your issue or difficulty change is effortless.