"After years of developing Leaders and leadership programs for multi-million dollar companies, in less than 30 minutes I found out the real reason I had been so reluctant to create the same level of success for myself."
Scott Gullion, Program Designer & Consultant to Speakers and Trainers

I work with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Elite Athletes and Individuals who want to grow to a higher level in their life or career. Depending on the person there can be a number of different avenues that will support this. Some of these are:

  • Exposing and releasing barriers to a person’s goals

  • Supporting the deeper integration of skills and attitudes that someone may currently have, allowing for higher, more effective functioning.

  • Releasing burdens or baggage that are inhibiting a person from being able to bring their full energy to life.

  • Identifying and releasing beliefs that are limiting.

  • Further integrating different aspects of themselves, allowing the sum to be greater than the parts.

  • Identifying ways to achieve desired goals or outcomes that are in alignment with the person’s deeper self. This allows them to move with more weight and full energy in support of those goals.

  • Identifying deeper values/purpose, which allows a person to focus their energies in alignment.
Someone only needs to know that they would like to move to a new level in an area of their life or career. They don’t need to figure out how to do that or what might be holding them back. If a someone has a particular issue or burden that is affecting them and they want to deal with it, then that can be addressed.

I take people through a process that allows for the seeing and resolution of the hidden dynamics that are impeding them, allowing them to move to a new level or achieve their goals with more ease. The process is gentle and the desired result can often be obtained in one session or workshop.

"Tremendous! One session and a stressor was lifted off that I had carried my whole life! It was gone! I was now able to deal with and do things that I hadn't been able to before!"
Judy Z.

"This work freed me from the unseen barriers between me and my Dreams"
Tym S.

When you resolve the root of your issue or difficulty change is effortless.