“I wish that I could explain what it is like to no longer have an eating disorder. Even though I have had reasonable recovery since 2002 I still struggled everyday. Since the constellation I have been totally free from all struggle. Having an eating disorder really sucks. Even though I succeeded most of the time and had not been harming myself with food for years, the energy I had to expend and the support I needed to maintain that was catastrophic.

Today was the real test. I was at a big family birthday party event. It was busy and crazy with tons of people and tons of food. We were there for lunch and supper. Until last week this would have taken a "plan" about how I would deal with the day and not over eat or binge or be crazy about food.

Today although I took some healthy alternatives for my kids I knew I would not need support or a plan today. It really was profoundly amazing. My cell phone was even stolen today and I had no stress and no thoughts of addictive coping In ten years I have paid at least $15 000 in treatment and therapy and I could have continued to pay thousands for therapy. The constellation eclipsed 10 years of therapy and resolved what 10 years of therapy had not been able to.

Every morning when I wake up without an eating disorder I feel like its Christmas morning. I send a prayer of gratitude for you every time I’m in a situation where I realize that I don't have to deal with an eating disorder...such a blessing”


"It has now been 2 months since you did a Constellation Process with me related to my business. When I agreed to the process I had no idea what it involved, however I had heard so many success stories from our ProCoach members I wanted to experience it for myself.

The focus of our session was on my coaching business. In spite of the incredible results our clients are getting, our membership simply has not grown as fast or as consistently as one would expect. When you set up the Constellation and facilitated the process it became clear that part of me was uncomfortable with having more members and was actually resisting our efforts to grow the business. Your skillful facilitation enabled me to see the dynamics that were holding me back and make shifts that moved me into greater alignment internally. At the end of our session I felt a sense of freedom and excitement about growing the business. It really was transformational!

There is no doubt that in one short session with you I was able to release and overcome some significant barriers that have been holding us back. Since doing the Constellation Process I have created a much bigger vision for ProCoach and we are moving ahead more rapidly than ever before. In the past I felt pressure to push the marketing to find new members. Since our session people have been calling us and simply signing up for our program!

Thank you for sharing your expertise with me. You really have a gift for helping people in this way!”

Andrew Barber-Starkey, Master Certified Coach
President, ProCoach International Inc.

"I have had migraine headaches for many years. Recently when I felt a migraine beginning, I phoned Ross. He was able to do some constellation work with me on the phone which resulted in the headache dissipating. Minutes later, having no lingering symptoms, I was able to just get on with my day!"

Anni Mukkala Stinn
Constellation Facilitator

"I had little or no income coming in and was "blocked". I had been advertising for contract work but had been unsuccessful as of late in getting any work. Since doing a constellation with Ross on prosperity, I have gotten a part-time job and work as a sub-contractor that's keeping me very busy. Apparently we cleared the blockage, as work started coming to me from avenues I had been advertising in previously with out results. I'm a photographer and I do digital image processing for other photographers as well as help them design albums for their clients. I've got so much work coming in right now I can barely keep up! I am very happy with the flow coming my way so far!"

Darlene Hildebrandt

"After years of developing Leaders and leadership programs for multi-million dollar companies, in less than 30 minutes I found out the real reason I had been so reluctant to create the same level of success for myself."

Scott Gullion
Program Designer, Consultant to Speakers and Trainers

“I really appreciate the time you took with me last night. You have a calm and gentle nature and are clearly very effective at what you do. I will be sure to spread your name to anyone I know who could use your services to help them get past obstacles. I slept well last night and feel much calmer than I have in the last couple of weeks. This morning on my drive to work (every once in awhile) I'd feel a small amount of fear rise up, but I immediately had a reference point to go back and talk to my ancestors and feel in my body that everything will be ok. Thank you for guiding me to access such a powerful connection with my ancestors that I never realized I had. I know this will serve me well in the future in many aspects of my life. Not to mention FEELING the presence of ancestral Love is always surrounding me. You're a blessing to this World and your own ancestors have passed on a life that will undoubtedly heal this planet one Soul at a time. Much Love and Gratitude to you Ross!”

the same client commenting on that session a few months later,

“Just wanted to tell you once again THANK YOU for doing that private Constellation on the phone with me a few months back. It really helped center me and just today I got news that the lawsuit settled out of court. No money out of my pocket and I don't have to go to court! WOOHOO!!!! The best possible outcome! Thank you for your presence and the gift you offer...your caring, your time, attention and calm demeanour! That Constellation did way for me than just the lawsuit end of things...it really opened me up to the Divine around me and the Knowing that all my past relatives are with me and guiding me. Sending waves of Love to you!”


"Last night I went through the process you taught me yesterday, focusing on a trick that I was trying to make more consistent. I did land it today at Provincials and it was pretty easy. So thank you! The first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was what we were doing yesterday at your cottage. I was not even worried this morning."

Carolyn Fenny,
Competitive Wakeboarder
1st Place Women's Division, Manitoba Provincials 2008

“Ross is so brilliantly guided by his heart and his natural intuitive ability... I have witnessed and experienced profound, profound shifts from his work.”

Farhana Dhalla

"Our business was struggling and we didn't know exactly what was preventing us from moving forward. One of our employees had attended one of Ross's evenings and was absolutely blown away, so he invited Ross out to see if he could help us.

I was skeptical but I agreed and WOW, did he ever surprise me. I found Ross to be very intuitive and he guided us all perfectly. With his guidance we were able to unravel the mystery of what was holding us back. It immediately had a tremendous impact on each of us individually and how we relate to each other. It also helped us give this business the direction it so desperately needed. Thanks to our work with Ross we all feel clearer, rejuvenated and hopeful as to where we can take this business. I can't wait to do more work with him. It really made a difference in our lives."

Estelle Dubé-Parent
President, Les Bûcherons

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in the introductory workshop on Friday. It was so illuminating and astonishing, I think I was somewhat speechless at the end. Now I understand your words at the beginning that most participants receive a gift, whether they have a constellation done, participate in someone else's or merely observe."

Peggy Birse

"I find what you do very profound! It gave me important insights and allowed me to release deeply held emotions. It truly is amazing stuff!!"

Roni Snider

“I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with how you were in the work; very tender, sweet and honouring. I totally trusted your ability and understanding.”

Natalie May
Forest Yoga Instructor

“You are such a kind soul for showing me in such a wonderful way, so that I could see it with my own two eyes, how it really is. It helped me take a step back to relook at the situation. I realized that I needed to change my approach with a potential client if I was going to have a chance to work with them. It helped me have a more realistic and optimistic outlook.”

Daphne McDonagh

I very much enjoyed and was deeply shifted and moved by my experience with the constellation work Ross facilitates. Highly recommended. ♥

Sparrow Grace
Singer-songwriter-kirtan artist.

"My session with you allowed me to lose weight I hadn't been able to lose previously."

Tracy Rae Moore

“Before the constellation I would come home after work and have an urge to eat, but not because I was hungry. There was another hunger driving that urge to eat in me. Since the constellation I come home and I don’t have the urge to eat (unless I am actually hungry).”

Heidi K.

When you resolve the root of your issue or difficulty change is effortless.