Family and Business Constellation Evenings and Workshops happen regularly in Edmonton AB.

If you have never experienced Family or Systems Constellation Work, the experience in a group session is the best way to check it out. You can participate at whatever your comfort level is, simply watching and being part of the circle, participating in someone else’s constellation or having your own constellation done with the support of the group.

One of the beautiful aspects of Constellation work is that not only the person receiving the constellation benefits from each Constellation. Participants in the constellation can receive resolution and shift as well as participants present in the circle.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in the introductory evening. It was so illuminating and astonishing, I think I was somewhat speechless at the end. Now I understand your words at the beginning that most participants receive a gift, whether they have a constellation done, participate in someone else's or merely observe."
Peggy Birse

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When you resolve the root of your issue or difficulty change is effortless.